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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dubai Mall

.....Also known as Day 1-part one :-)

So... Most of us going on about 3 hours sleep... Decided it would be a good idea to venture in the inferno and take in the local sites... Now, I already told you how to imagine driving in the middle east is... Remember class ? Bumper cars--A.D.D.--and Mountain Dew ring a bell?

Our cabbie was a sweet, quiet soul named O-shit.. Because that was what the six of us in the van said the most! "O-shit! Watch out for...". "O-shit! Don't hit that!"
First stop... Dubai mall. One word... WOW! Ya, that's right.. All caps AND an exclamation point.
First thing you see at the entrances are the massive water features of men eternally swan-diving...

Very impressive... These were definately cool. What a way to start off our aimless wander-fest? And really... That all we were doing is wandering....

We were really surprised as we rounded the corner to see a massive sea-quarium in the mall...

Holy Stingrays Batman! This was just too cool.

Now what mall would be complete without a little advertising? See all the pretty bright lights? Those are all one giant led screen..

All over the mall! Tells people about sales... Specials and even prayer time...

Starting to get a little hungry from all the walking around ? No worries, mate... We got ya covered.

Can you say 5 lbs of chocolate in that bar ? Want a little syrup to go with it?

Maybe it just time to cool off at your friendly desert ice rink?

And yes... Even in the middle east... The golden arches still rule

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