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Friday, July 9, 2010

Serenade Me to Sleep

Press Play and Listen as you read... recorded this the other only

Imagine trying to live, work and save lives in a place where everyone just wants you dead.  Responding to a call for help, yet ever vigilant, ever cautious, watching for any indication the road might explode right in front of you.  The looks of hatred, the looks of fear, the looks of a people who are just plain tired.  The look of relief when you simply just give a smile or a bottle of water.
Soldiers, Airmen, Marines... working together... dedicated as one team to a common goal.... but also.... worn and tired.
These are the people I am here to protect, this is my world.  No matter what time, no matter what temperature... the risk will be taken... the call will be answered....
I am a Combat Firefighter
We are here but for one purpose
Protecting Those Who Protect Peace
Regardless of uniform... we are but one team.... we share but one goal... but even the bravest and most hardened must sleep.... sometimes
So serenade me to sleep... sing me the sweet 50 cal lullaby
the rythmic melodies of the M-4 and 60
The screech and bass of the mortars above
This is the music that lulls us to dreamland
The concert that never ends
Mostly.. the sound of men fighting for what is right and just
Sleep well, my friends.....Never you fret
The boys are on the job

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