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Monday, June 14, 2010

Flood of reality

Finally.. Another long flight is over. Emirates is definately a nice airline to fly on. I am here,

back in the middle east, and the reality of it all has begun to set in.

As we began our final descent to land in Dubai, a quick glance out the window showed the unmistakable layout of golden lit streets an highways. At that point, an eerie flood of emotions came like a tidal wave. Memories, some good, some not-so-much, of every single time I have been in this portion of the world filled my head. It's been a few years sice I've been here... And honestly never really expected to come back since I have retired.... But, alas.. Here I am.
We get off the plane, and there is all the traditional

clothing... The familiar Arabic language being spoke... And what most would not expect to hear....the welcoming smiles from all of them.
I would say as we were landing, the most resounding thought going through my brain... Did I really want to do this again? Did I really want to live it what sometimes feels like another planet, did I feel like dealing with mortars, snipers, rockets and of course.. The drivers ?

A little late for that line of thinking now...genius !

We collect our bags and jump on a little bus to take us to our hotel... Now.. If you have never driven in the middle

east...imagine a massive bumper car track with about 200 kids hyped up on a case of Mt Dew each... It's always an adventure.

Now we are at our hotel.. Just got here.. It's 2 am local time....

Over 17 hours of flying and a few hours of layover time. Guess where we are ? In another meeting! Hahaha... And this meeting is literally to schedule a meeting for tomorrow! LOL
We now know we will be here at least until tomorrow night... Beyond that? Who knows...

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