Friday, January 1, 2010

Don't Try To Run The Gate !!!!

For anyone who might have business going onto a Military installation... a word to the wise....  We take security VERY seriously.  If you don't believe me... please, read on...

We live in a world of terrorism people... we're involved in two combat actions right now....Airmen, Soldiers,Marines and Sailors are dying almost Daily... We don't have the luxury of leaving things to chance.

If you have been to a military installation recently, you might have noticed new additions to the entry points (or gates).  One of these being big red/white striped metal plates in the middle of the road.  These odd looking devices are a very effective method of protecting our installations and the people and families that live and work there.  Seriously effective.  These "little gizmos" will deffinately stop just about anybody who thinks they can enter a base and do harm.....  allow me to illustrate....

     Unfortunate incident the other night at a stateside Air Force Base. Two 18-Y/O kids approached the
gate at a high rate of speed, estimated at 60MPH. The Gate Guard had no choice but to activate the pop-up barriers.

Both occupants of the vehicle were severely injured, and one is in grave condition. Both occupants were also  heavily intoxicated.

So.. again... security of Military Installations is not just a term... it is a full-time, and very real business that is not taken lightly.  These two, in my humble opinion, are definite candidates for a Darwin award... not only did they have very little concern or regard for human life... as proven by getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated... but then thought it was a good idea to try to run the gate at an Air Force Base.

Pop-Up Barrier - 1
Boneheads - 0