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Sunday, June 13, 2010

The adventure begins

This has definately been a long week. Briefings about safety, briefings about treating people nice, briefings about the heat, the San, the sun... Ugh... Pretty sure there was a briefing in there about briefings!
I did get to meet some great people... Firefighters from every immagimable background ( full time, volunteer, ARFF, Structural, civilian, Army, Air Force, Navy and even a Marine). A few Medics... With almost as diverse a sampling.... And tons of other people.. Many of whom I'm sure were found just wandering around the city haha.
I think there were some more briefings.....
Got new uniforms issued, took some tests...
Maybe attended a briefing...
Had a meeting to schedule a meeting..
Got invaded by an army of over-caffeinated tween cheerleaders
Moved hotels
Might have had a briefing

......... Ugh

Now, as I look out the window of my boeing 777 as it slowly climbs to the sky, watching the city shrink and the road begin to look more like rivers roaming through the wild, my mind begins to wander toward the adventure that has just begun.
The reality of this journey has finally hit.
Oh, I've known for quite some time that I was going, but until now, it hall been quite surreal. However, the uncertainty of the near and distant future abounds. Yes, there are certain things I know... Such as, once again, I am a firefighter, I am a captain, and I am headed to Iraq... Outside of this... I know that my first stop is London...which is where this will probably be posted from... Then on to Dubai. Other than that, there is very little.
I do know that it will be hot.... But I do not know "where" it will be hot... In a less broad sence.
As to which city in Iraq I will be, which base I will be assigned to, how many men I will have, and the inherent risk I am about to accept... To these questions.. I have no clue.
So... If a clue is what I don't have... Then I shall focus my attention to a little less broad spectrum...what I do know.
London, unfortunately, won't be much fun since we only have a few hours between flights. So the next logical step is Dubai. Which there still is not much info. Don't know how long I'll be there, but at least I do know which hotel... And I've been to Dubai before.. So I won't be completely lost hahaha. Hopefully we will be there Lon enough to do some exploring... The new mall... The HardRock cafe..
From Dubai, it's off to Bagdhad. Another fun-filled exciting week absolute good times.... Not. Will be another week of training, briefings, equipment issue and acclimation. Toward the end o the week... In theory... We will get our assignments and prepare to head out to wherever......

Take care... Stay safe

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