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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

WTF...monday again???

So the morning starts out well enough, get outta bed early, no rushing to get ready for work. Weather is descent so I get to ride the motorcycle in, which is always a good way to start the day.
Almost to work and a major lightning show starts in the black sky... But I make it in before any rain hits... Bonus!
Then I get into my office to prepare for the morning staff meeting with the fire chief. First thing I do after stripping off the jacket and putting away my helmet is go over to check on the yet unamed fish.
Now where the heck could he be hiding, it's a bowl for Christ's sake. Then I find him... Lying on the floor, directly below his new bowl. Wow... Less than 24 hrs and this place got to him....
How is it that I was able to pick the only suicidal fish out of the lot ??? I mean, c'mon... That's my luck lol
Well... If you believe in omens.. This set the stage for the rest of the day... All right on course for disaster....

Guess I need to go get another fish... But you can bet there will be a psych eval this time....

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