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Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh God, here we go...

Now I'm loose on the web.. there should be laws about that.

Well, here's the obligatory boring stuff.... I am an Air Force Firefighter and EMT.  I Joined the AF in April of '90 and graduated the fire academy in July of the same year.  My first assignment was RAF Lakenheath, UK (about 70 miles north of London.  While there, went to school and became an EMT at the beginning of '91. I work part time on one of the city Ambulance companies, and in 2007 decided to go to Medic school.  Class is done, has been for a while, now just have to finish my clinicals.. which has been a massive challenge since I receive very little support from the Air Force in this endeavor... I guess it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't a 2-hour drive to the hospital I have to go to to do the clinicals.  You see, for the most part, the Air Force does not utilize Paramedics in their fire and ambulance service... so I am a little bit of an oddity.

I am also (again) the Director of the 911 Center and Fire/EMS Dispatch (cops do their own dispatching).  This is the second time I have run this center, and have built and ran 2 others.  One thing bout the Air Force... you gain a plethora of different skill sets.  Yes, I am also a Dispatcher too.

Away from the job(s) there's much of that... I try to spend time with my wife and kids.  I have a son (10) and Daughter (13) still at home and my oldest Daughter (19) goes to school about 10 minutes from home.  My oldest is now also a Dispatcher for the County.

I have several hobbies that I try to squeeze in when I can.  I love to play guitar, am an avid bowler and youth bowling coach and am completely addicted to my insaine friends on Twitter (you know who you are).  I also love to get out on my Motorcycle and just ride.. doesn't matter where... my wife calls that my therapy sessions.

I am originally from Colorado, but being an Army Brat, traveled all over.  I moved to Germany when I was 14 and stayed there until I enlisted in the Air Force at 19.  I have been Stationed in England, Germany and the US and made trips to Saudi (Khobar Towers) (Al Kharj), UAE, Kyrgyzstan (Manas) etc.

Enough for now...

Hopefully it will get more exciting as we go

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