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Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday pretending to be Monday ?

So yesterday actually turned out to be a really nice day, so I decided to take advantage of it and get some more of the trim painted on the house (I've only been working on painting the house since late spring !!!)  Haven't touched it since I had my shoulder surgery.. yesterday I just decided enough was enough.
Got all the supplies out, set the ladder up, loaded my roller and off I went.  Turning all that stripped down wood into a nice dark blue.  Got all the trim on the back of the hose done, only the sides left to do now.

Proud of my accomplishment for the after-noon, put the ladder away, rescued the antenna to my scanner from under the back deck.. and headed to start cleaning up.  All was good, right ? ........ then it happened... stepped on a board hidden in an over-grown vine.. a board I had thought had been disposed of months ago... a board that I had removed from a window while doing some maintenance... a board that still had the nails in it !!

Yes... I sent a nail right up through the bottom of my shoe (which is why bunker boots have steel shanks), through the bottom of my little toe and right out the side.  Took forever to get the board detached from my foot.

So what do I do?  Well, what any smart guy with medical knowledge would do... I hobbled up the stairs of the deck, feeling my shoe fill with blood, and immediately set to cleaning up my painting supplies and tending to the leftover paint and can.  Logical, right ?

Once everything was pretty much stowed away again, my darling wife, laughing at me the entire time, set to patching me up.  A little neosporin and a bandaid and all was good again... LOL

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