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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Darwin Lives !

Ok... So we all know the story of the first pet fish I took into the dispatch center, right? the pressure was just too great and he commuted suicide on day one..... Not surprised, dispatch can be a stressful environment... Especially with all the politics.
So a few days later, my wife went and got me another to replace him.... Maybe she got the one that came with Prozac ?
My ops partner and I decided we would wait a few days to name him... You know... Preliminary suicide watch and all.
Low and behold, not only did he adapt to the pressure of Dispatch, but also has quite the personality ! True story....a FISH with a personality! Who woulda thought ?
ladies and gentlemen..... Introducing.... Darwin

This fish is so strange... He actually greets me every morning when I get in to my office... Always waiting by the edge of the bowl as if to say hi... I'm pretty sure I saw him wag his tail the other day...

Darwin even comes when I call him... No joke... And will always come right up to the glass and turn sideways so I can "pet" him... I rub on the glass where he is floating and he stays there til I stop... How freaky! Strangest thing ever.....

And after reading this... I have realized... I really need a vacation! LOL

Smile often-

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